About The Staff at Foothills Pain Management Clinic


Foothills Pain Management Clinic has a staff that is DEDICATED to providing our patient’s with a painless experience.  Our staff will offer their skills and experience to ensure that our patient’s are being treated the way we want our own family member’s to be treated.  No matter which employee assists you during your visit, they should make you feel welcomed and tend to your needs to best of their ability.


Office Manager: Amber
With a Bachelors degree in Business Management and over fifteen years of experience in the medical industry Amber utilizes her ingenuity to manage the office by tending to all aspects of the office including resolving all issues as they occur. Her main intention is to create an atmosphere where patient care comes first. She has performed most duties associated with running a busy medical practice from running the front office, medical insurance issues including verifying benefits, authorizations, electronic and paper billing, collections on insurance and patient accounts, assisting in the back office with patient care, and physician and employee management. It is due to her experience that she leads by example and is able to empathize with any situation. It is with immense gratification that Amber is available to all patient’s, vendors and staff to assist in matters related to the operations of Foothills Pain Management Clinic


Assistant Office Manager: Jasmine, MA
With over 8 years experience in both the Front and Back office Jasmine has proven herself a versatile Medical Assistant that can lead her co-worker’s to success. She is is responsible for Authorizations, The Scheduling of Procedures at the Surgery Center or outpatient Hospital and Verification of Insurance Benefits. Her Priority is to ensure patient’s are treated with the proper insurance coverage and authorization.


Back Office Supervisor: Malinda, MA
Malinda has extensive experience in Customer Service which allowd her to provide GREAT patient care. She is responsible for ensuring that all of your questions are answered in the back office and your clinical information is current. With extensive knowledge in insurance verification, authorizations her passion is being an advocate for her patient’s and ensuring they leave with an understanding of their treatment plan.


Back Office Medical Assistant: Delma, MA
While her main focus is on patient relations Delma also specializes in preparing procedure reports for our referring physicians. She monitors our Intrathecal Opioid Pain Pump Patient’s ensuring their medication is available when needed. Delma is the Medical Assistant you can speak with if you have any questions or concerns about your medical treatment.


Receptionist: Susie, MA
Susie’s bright smile will be the first you will see during your visit, with experience working in the back and front office,she specializes in ensuring our patient’s visit has a minimal wait time and all of their information is updated. Her main goal is to assist our patient’s in understanding our office policies and procedures, so if you have any questions during your visit Susie is the Medical Assistant to ask.

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