Vertebroplasty & Kyphoplasty

In order to treat vertebral compression fractures, Vertebroplasty & Kyphoplasty are the procedures that used. Vertebral compression fractures are the fractures that involve the vertebral bodied which make up the spinal column. Besides this, osteoporosis is disease which gradually weakens bones and causes them to become brittle. Until the bone breaks, osteoporosis can progress painlessly. This disease can also cause compression fractures in the spine apart from the hip and wrist fractures. If the bony block and spine collapses then it occurs. It creates lots of pain and deformity in your body and can lead to nerve compression.

In the United States, these fractures occur to more than 700,000 patients per year. But, now you can treat this pain or disease with two therapeutic that called vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty. The Vertebroplasty procedure is especially designed to decrease the pain of compression fractures and it is non-surgical procedure. This procedure means the fixing the vertebral body. While the kyphoplasty procedure also help you to ease with your 90% of the pain caused by compression fractures. Kyphoplasty is new treatment and immobilized by the painful vertebral body compression fractures associated with osteoporosis.